Powell funeral home south boston va

powell funeral home south boston va

Address :

Powell Funeral Home

1603 Wilborn Ave.

South Boston, Virginia 24592

Well of  Powell funeral home south boston va

Powell Funeral Home has a reputation for helping residents of South Boston, Halifax County and surrounding communities with personalized and compassionate service. Family there, we help with everything from funerals or funerals to your loved ones. Through continuous learning and development, we are able to offer a wide range of celebrations of everyday and everyday life.


Powell Funeral Home was founded in the Rodden neighborhood in 1923 when brothers Walter Powell and Leslie Powell joined in the casket sale. Soon a truck was purchased and the coffin was delivered to their buyers' homes. Brother Powell dressed the dead and put them in a coffin. In the future, the ambulance / car zero agency will be able to provide these services in the Rodden / Meadeville area.

In 1925, Walter Powell attended the Renouard School of Embalming in New York City, where he obtained his embalming license and quickly devoted his services to business development. In 1932, they opened a funeral home in downtown Halifax and another brother, Sam Powell, joined the business. In 1937, Leslie Powell opened the funeral home in the community of Volens, and in 1948 the J.S. Owen Brothers in South Boston. It moved to its current location on Wilborne Avenue in South Boston in 1952. The Halifax Funeral Home was quickly moved to the South Boston area, and by the 1960s the Volens branch had been closed and reorganized. Founder Powell has all the boys involved in the funeral industry. The second principal and co-founders are Kenneth Powell, Leslie Powell Jr. and Carrington Powell. Today, Powell Mortuary is under the direction of three generations of laborers and embalmers Leslie Powell III and Robert Powell. Wilborn Avenue was renovated in 1972 and 1998. Today, Powell Funeral Home provides traditional and non-traditional services, canned, sexual, memorial and military services to its clients.


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